Hello everyone and welcome!

After much thinking on my part, I decided to create a new blog to discuss about my readings and share some information regarding books, music or films.

I wish you a pleasant visit on my blog, hope you will like it and thanks for reading!

If you wish, don't hesitate to leave a comment, suggestion or other!

3 commentaires:

  1. Hello! What a great idea! Do you abandon your french blog?
    So I think it's a great exercice for me to comment this blog in english too!

    Nice header but I think it's so pixelised :/

  2. Hello! Thanks! No, I'm not abandoning the French one, I will try to update both! Yes it is a great exercise^^
    Thanks, yes, I will try to change it but it is difficult for me...lol

  3. Salut Salut,

    Un petit message pour t'annoncer que mon blog a changé d'adresse. Tu pourras désormais me lire par ici http://bookmetiboux.blogspot.fr/ si le coeur t'en dit toujours.

    Je te souhaite une bonne continuation avec ton blog. Au plaisir, Tiboux (Tiboux's Bric à Brac sur facebook)